Landmann Barbecues

Used in premier cooking outlets across the world the Landmann barbecue has earned itself the reputation as being one of the leading brands of barbecues across the world. Famed for producing highly functional yet stylish barbecues, the Landmann bbq range is guaranteed to have what you are looking for.

The Landmann barbecue range can be split into two main sections, these are the:

Landmann Charcoal Barbeque range which includes patio, pedestal, tripod, kettle, smokers and a special large sized bbq.

Landmann Gass barbecue range which includes 2,3,4 and 5 gas burner barbecues.

The typical landmann barbecue is made with an excellent price to performance ratio and all models are built with high quality workmanship, a modern design and
user-friendly functionality.

The reason that a Landmann barbecue is the centre piece of so many social gatherings is that the company has built a trusting relationship with a broad base of customers. As a 100% family owned and operated company that operates in a sustainable manner with the interests of its customers close to their heart is one of the reasons the Landmann barbecue is many people’s clear favourite choice of bbq.

So if you decide to buy a landmann barbecue you can be assured of:

A stylish bbq that can fit into even the most modern of surroundings without looking out of place.

Excellent value for money, Landmann bbq’s are very reasonably priced compared to the rest of the bbq industry, often costing less than barbecues with a lot less features.

Great customer service whether from the retailer or direct from the manufacturer. As a family business they have strived since their founding in 1966 to build long lasting and fruitful relationships with all of their customers as they clearly know that ‘a happy customer is a repeat customer’.

Ease of use. The functionality of Landmann bbq’s couldn’t be easier, in fact they are famed for their ease of set-up and use. It really is hard to go wrong with a Landmann bbq.

So, take your time and browse the full range of Landmann barbecues on the links provided, happy barbecuing!